June rewards for Inspire and Flourish tiers

I am so excited to share these with you. The custom Procreate brush is a new one that has not been released. If I decide to release this brush it will only be available for purchase in a set so the only way to get just the single brush is right here as a Patron.

The digital items are all Patron exclusives as well. The coloring pages are not in any of my published Coloring Journals nor have been offered for free to my author Facebook group. You can only find them here. They are for your personal use only. Please don’t share them with others.

To use the washi tape just print on white or clear sticker  paper and cut out. I recommend clear sticker paper as you don’t have to be so exact in your cutting. You can also bring the pdf into Goodnotes and use the stickers there.

June dot cards will be mailed out the last week of the month.

Flourish members will have a separate post regarding the panless watercolor and access to the private Facebook group for the monthly livestream (s).

This is all new to me so please don‘t hesitate to ask questions.