Hi there,
WOW it has been quite some time since I posted. My main focus since January has been eating healthy, exercise and getting rid of this weight. This is always an issue I keep to myself about. I joined Sparkpeople.com in 2006 but after the cancer diagnosis in August 2006 I really didn’t do to much. I waited until 15 months after my surgery to begin my weight loss journey. As of to day I have gotten rid of 18.6lbs. I am so excited. The more I lose the happier I am. I honestly don’t know what I would do without Sparkpeople.com. You can view my Spark Page to get regular updates on my progress.
Today I was looking at a video that a member talked about that was on the today show and it lead me to the video by Jeannette Fulda. Her blog www.pastaqueen.com tells about how she lost 192 pounds. She wrote a book called Halfassed A weight Loss memoir, and is having a contest to win a copy you can view the post here Contest Info on Jeannette’s Blog
Here is a video that shows her progress… Pretty AWESEOME….

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